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*** The Cure for Writer’s Block! ***

Featured as one of the Top 5 Writing Apps in May 2013 issue of Fashion Magazine.

Flash Fiction Prompter is an easy-to-use and simple writing prompter that provides a instant starting point for your Flash Fiction (or other short literary forms) by giving you a random character, setting, and plot, which are the basic ingredients for any story.

Flash Fiction Prompter gives you almost 16.6 million million story combinations ready for you to creatively bring all of the basic elements together.

– Double-tap to flip over the decks of cards that you want to use.
– Swipe left or right on a card to see the next or previous one.
– Hold a card for 3 seconds to pin or unpin a card.
– Shake to shuffle the deck and get a random set of cards.

Your feedback is extremely important in helping shape the future updates to Flash Fiction Prompter. Please let us know what you would like by using the Email link in the Feedback section of the application or by emailing feedback@flashfictionprompter.com.

What’s New in Version 2.0         Updated September 13, 2013
– Added In-App purchase of ability to add your own custom characters, settings and plots.
– Added In-App purchase of an additional content pack of 50 characters, 50 settings and 50 plots.
– Added ability to save your custom content by emailing or copy and paste into an application.

What’s New in Version 1.2         Updated June 7, 2012
– Added 55 more cards to each deck for a total of 255 cards in each decks database. That’s almost 16.6 million story combinations!
– Limited decks to 50 random cards each on startup.
– Decks are randomized when shake is detected.
– Added a Rate It option.

What’s New in Version 1.1         Updated Sept 19, 2011
– All decks are randomized when launching the app.
– Character, Setting and Plot is automatically copied to the clipboard so you can paste it into an email of some other app.
– Fixed iPod startup memory issue by dealing a random deck of 100 cards in each deck on launching of UVU app. Click here to read the ultimate penis enlargement bible reviews.

Have you ever wanted to quickly and easily create an SMS contest and then pick a random winner for your cool prize?  Well, now you can.

SMS Contest is the easiest way to create an SMS contest. At a minimum, all you need is an SMS-enabled phone. To get started, simply Text CONTEST to (702) 712-4222 (Message & Data Rates May Apply) and you will be prompted to use the CREATE command to create your own contest.  For example, texting CREATE WINBIG will create your WINBIG contest and send a confirmation text message that your contest was created.  It will also give you the instructions to give to your contestants, and creates a QR Code web page with some starter copy to use in your own marketing materials that can be posted on the checkout stand or at the store entrance for people to see or on posted online.

Texting ? or HELP will display the following SMS Contest commands:

  • CREATE contestName
  • TOTAL contestName
  • WINNER contestName
  • 50TH contestName
  • DELETE contestName
CREATE contestName
The CREATE command allows you to create your SMS Contest.  The name can have the letters A-Z and numbers 0-9.  No spaces or special characters are allowed.  Try to keep the contest keyword short and simple.
TOTAL contestName
The TOTAL command just returns the total number of entries in a particular contest.
WINNER contestName
The WINNER command pick a random winner from all current entries in a particular contest, returning the numeric position and the mobile number of the winner.
50TH contestName
The 50TH command returns the 50th entry in a contest if there are at least 50 entries. The administrator can also use other NTH commands in multiples of five starting from 5TH through 100TH.  For example, if there were 100 entries in your contest and you wanted to get the 75th entry as the winner, you would use the following command: 75TH contestName
DELETE contestName
All good things must come to an end.  The DELETE command deletes your contest. Once your SMS Contest is over and you have given your prize(s), you can delete the contest and no more telephone number can be entered.
That’s it!  That is all there currently is at the moment, but more commands and features will be rolling out very soon.  If there is something that you would like to see, let us know.
Now you know everything there is to know about how to create an SMS Contest.  Create one and see how easy it is.

To create your own SMS Contest, scan the QR Code with a QR Code Reader or Text CONTEST to (702) 712-4222

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